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June 29, 2022

Group 1

Lt. Jim Bateman (Shift Command/E1)

Lt. David Carpentier (L1)

FF/EMT Ryan York (E1 Chauffeur)

FF/Paramedic Chris Lesage (E1)

FF/Paramedic Ryan Casey (E1)

FF/Paramedic Chris Allender (A2/L1)

FF/Paramedic Corey Albrecht (A2/L1)

Group 2

Lt. Mark Bruno (Shift Command/E1)

Provisional Lt. Todd Calderwood (L1)

FF/Paramedic Justin Petrillo (E1)

FF/Paramedic Nick Putnam (E1)

FF/Paramedic Mike Sweeney (E1 Chauffeur)

FF/Paramedic TJ Poussard (A2/L1)

Probationary FF/Paramedic Sean Kane (A2/L1)

Group 3

Lt. Tim Haynes (Shift Command/E1)

Lt. Jeremy Bean (L1)

FF/EMT Steve Mason (E1 Chauffeur)

FF/Paramedic Carl Rizzo (E1)

FF/Paramedic Justin Kane (A2/L1)

FF/Paramedic Shane Sevigny (A2/L1)

Group 4

Lt. Rob Serino (Shift Command/E1)

Lt. Darcie Condelli (L1)

FF/EMT Jamie Clark (E1 Chauffeur)

FF/Paramedic PJ O'Loughlin (E1)

FF/Paramedic Steve Allen (E1)

FF/Paramedic Patrick Knott (A2/L1)

FF/Paramedic Chris Durocher (A2/L1)

Lt. John Kane (Temporarily Assigned to Admin)

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